The “Positive Psychology” course is practical training in the study of happiness, important components of our well-being, focused on personal and professional development.

After completing the course, you will know what it takes to feel good, function well at work, and thrive in your personal life.
You will get acquainted with the concept of positive psychology with the PERMA model and with the practical experience of positive psychological methods.
You will acquire specific tricks and methods on how to regain your feeling of happiness!
You need the training “Positive Psychology” if:
  • you often feel irritated and dissatisfied
  • you have ceased to feel the taste for life
  • it seems to you that life is passing by
  • you don’t see the meaning of life
  • life seems monotonous and bleak
  • it’s hard for you to forgive
  • you see the future in black colors
  • you feel unhappy
Sometimes we don’t know why we feel unhappy.
But more often we know for sure why we do not feel happiness …
Maybe we don’t know how to say “No” in the right situation? Maybe we take on additional obligations that we do not want to fulfill? If so, you just need to go to the “Increasing Your Self Confidence” course.
If you know that the only thing that hinders you is the inability to finish things and you are ready to stop putting up with it, then you have a direct road to “Ultimate Goal Setting and Achieving” cours!
If you need to understand how to feel happy every day, regardless of those around you, you need to train positive psychology! We are waiting for you!

Positive changes that you will get after the course:

  • Understanding what gives us happiness

  • Ability to create and maintain positive relationships

  • Evaluate your well-being

  • Learn about positive and negative emotions and how they affect you

  • Learn the habits of happy people

  • Learn the recipe for happiness

  • Learn the theory of «Dipper and bucket»

  • Learn what a state of «flow» is and how it relates to the feeling of happiness and the filling of life

  • Understand how thoughts affect brain chemistry

  • Learn how much you can influence your happiness