Did the order you took from your client take twice time as long as you promised?

How to tell them that the job will take longer and cost more?

There is a downturn in the global economy. Your business faces bankruptcy if you don’t cut costs.

How to inform a worker raising a little child about a layoff?

Your employee has come to ask for a salary increase.

You are very happy with them, but at the same time, you do not have the resources to raise any salaries.

What to do to prevent the employee from leaving?

Difficult conversations at work have never been a pleasing task. Such conversations are difficult with both subordinates and colleagues but are necessary to contain a healthy working environment.
Most of us avoid conflict, but avoiding difficult negotiations can lead to disruptions, financial losses, or layoffs. Ultimately, this can negatively affect the team and the company as a whole. It is assumed that conflict in the workplace affects not only morale and productivity but also employee turnover.
A 2009 US study shows that workers spend an average of 2.8 hours per week on conflict, which is about $ 359 billion in labor costs! 359 billion dollars!

Is it possible to communicate your not most popular decision calmly and without harm to others?

The most important part of a difficult conversation is your self-reflection and work!
No matter how well the conversation starts, you must take responsibility for yourself, your goal, and your emotions.
I will help you focus on the outcome and provide specific tools for challenging conversations by choosing a calm, focused state that will also help your co-worker/colleague. I’ll give you a plan for how to have difficult conversations, step by step, so you will never have to put them off again!

An example of negotiations in which I took part and can help you with:

Termination of a contract, dismissal
Refusal to an employee/client
Reacting to inappropriate behavior
Disagreement with the opinion of the majority in the group
Request for a salary increase
Refusal of salary increase
Refusal of an idea of an employee
The motivation of an employee to improve at their work
Resolving conflict between employees
Informing investors about losing money
Negotiations on new payment terms
Notifying customers about problems with their orders
Comunication with disappointed customers


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