60% of first-time managers fail!

More than 2 million people each year take a managing position for the first time in their lives.

Who’s a good manager?
This is primarily an administrator who has the skills of organizing and planning, self-discipline, monitoring, and evaluating the work of subordinates.
Unfortunately, you are not becoming a good manager, a strong leader, or a charismatic leader just because of promotion.
Managers, especially at the beginning of their career, cannot find the perfect balance between strictness/exactingness and friendliness/weakness. And instead of wasting several years on mistakes, losses, and disappointments, you can sign up for a course on Difficult Negotiations or a consultation with me, and I will suggest the correct algorithm for conducting negotiations of any complexity. Be it a conflict between subordinates, outright sabotage, or dismissal!
Finding professional, competent specialists is becoming more and more difficult. Companies spend significant resources, time, and money, looking for a new employee. And even in this case, there is no guarantee that the candidate found will meet set expectations. That is why development programs for own employees have become so relevant and popular lately.
Some of the advantages of developing your employees include:
  • the employee knowing own company very well
  • the risk of the employee not being able to adapt to a new workplace lowering
  • career opportunities motivating the employees
  • successful examples inspiring others
  • healthy competition developing in the company, etc.
At the New Manager Cours you will learn:
  • Core management functions
  • How to use goal-setting in management
  • Learn to delegate and control
  • Learn to evaluate and give feedback
  • Getting familiar with the structure of team building
  • Getting to know your management style
  • Finding out how to motivate employees

Training objectives:

  • Shaping the concept of what a team is

  • Leadership-style awareness of own strengths and weaknesses

  • Development of setting work goals skills

  • Understanding the process of delegation and types of control

  • Mock Employee Termination

  • Shaping Self-motivation skills for managers

Cours are made as internal training and contents can be customized according to the company needs. Ask for an offer!