60% of first-time managers fail!

Each year, over 2 million people step into their first managerial role, hoping to excel in their new position.

But what makes a good manager?
Being a successful manager requires more than just a promotion. It demands skills in organization, planning, self-discipline, and effectively evaluating the work of subordinates.
Unfortunately, many new managers struggle to find the right balance between being too strict and too friendly. Instead of wasting precious time making mistakes and facing disappointment, you can take proactive steps towards becoming a strong, effective leader.
Consider signing up for a course on Difficult Conversations or scheduling a consultation with me. I can provide you with the right strategies and techniques to handle negotiations of any complexity, whether it’s conflicts among team members, sabotage, or terminations.
In today’s competitive job market, finding skilled professionals is increasingly challenging. Companies invest significant resources in searching for new employees, with no guarantee of finding the perfect fit. That’s why employee development programs have gained popularity.
By investing in your employees’ growth, you can benefit from:
  • Employees with an in-depth understanding of your company.
  • Reduced risks of employees struggling to adapt to new workplaces.
  • Motivated employees seeking career advancement.
  • Successful examples inspiring others.
  • Healthy competition fostering growth within the company, and more.
In our New Manager Course, you will learn:
  • The core functions of management.
  • Goal-setting techniques for effective management.
  • Delegation and control strategies.
  • Evaluation and feedback skills.
  • Team building dynamics.
  • Discovering your management style.
  • Employee motivation techniques.

Our training objectives include:

  • Building a strong understanding of teamwork.

  • Developing self-awareness of your leadership style and strengths.

  • Enhancing goal-setting abilities.

  • Mastering delegation and control methods.

  • Simulated exercises in employee termination.

  • Cultivating self-motivation skills for managers.

Our courses are designed for internal training and can be customized to meet your company’s specific needs. Contact us for a personalized offer!