What do you feel when you hear the word “job interview”? Fear or curiosity? Do you want to quickly escape or rather give it a try?

In general, interviews are associated with one of the most stressful situations in the job application process.
Every company wants the best employee, wants to get to know them as well as possible, and ensure that everything the candidate says is true. That’s why recruiters ask you various and sometimes uncomfortable questions.
Sometimes going through an interview is like walking through a minefield – a long, slow, and cautious walk, and sometimes it’s like a horse race with jumping over obstacles – fast-paced, exciting, and exhilarating. You need to be prepared for anything, and even for the fact that the recruiter themselves may not be 100% professional.
Your task is to leave the best impression on every recruiter and secure your dream job!

You have a second chance to make a first impression!

We will tell you in detail what is important for the employer, what should be emphasized, and how to outperform competitors.
You will learn what kind of questions to expect and which answers to strictly avoid.

And most importantly – you will test how well you perform in an interview.

A mock interview is an imitation of a real situation. We use questions and tests actively used in real interviews. The mock interview reduces the stress associated with the interview and gives you the opportunity to experience what the interview entails and what kind of questions may be asked. It allows you to analyze your strengths and areas for development.
Usually, when a candidate does not advance to the next round, the employer sends a nice and polite response, saying, “You are an excellent candidate and we really liked you, but unfortunately, you were not selected this time. Of course, we would like to keep you in mind and, with your permission, retain your CV in our database and contact you as soon as a vacant position becomes available!” However, this is a common polite rejection.
Unfortunately, no one will honestly write to you or tell you that your answers were completely illogical, you appeared uncertain and doubtful, or that your appearance was unpleasant (for example, your pants were dirty or you were biting your nails). Or perhaps the way you spoke about your previous employer put an end to your candidacy.
I will share my observations with you, which you usually don’t receive, and they will help you approach the next job interview with more confidence.

In addition to honest feedback, I will provide you with specific techniques, advice, and observations on WHAT needs to be said, HOW to answer questions, and what to pay attention to.

We will work through possible atypical situations together and boost your confidence. And most importantly, it doesn’t mean you have to lie about anything. My personal belief is simple – we shouldn’t pretend to be someone else. Under no circumstances! But we need to be able to talk about ourselves in a way that is important and useful for the employer. The employee and the employer have completely different accents in this regard.

By the end of our work, you will have a complete understanding of how to answer recruiter questions, you will know the basic rules of behavior before the interview, during the interview, and after the interview.

Why am I qualified to give you advice, and why can you trust me?

I have been on both sides, as an employee and as an employer. I have attended interviews myself and learned the best strategies through trial and error. I am familiar with all your fears and concerns. I know how easy it is to miss out on a great job opportunity. And now I know how to achieve the best result. I have conducted hundreds of interviews in trade, finance, IT companies, and I provide recruitment services to business clients.

I know what interests the company owner, I know what the manager wants, and what requirements they have for you.


  • For more than 15 years I have been involved in the management of various trading and financial companies, where the most important resource was and is a person!


  • Career coaching provides an answer to the question of how to build an effective career, find the job of your dreams, and increase your income.


  • You can participate in courses aimed at success, self-knowledge, self-realization, i.e., for the personal and professional development of the participants.