Team building course is one of the stages of the long and systematic process.

The course will help you see the strengths and weaknesses of the teamYou will understand in which direction you should develop your team!
The training will help you to build a more trusting relationship within the group, develop constructive interaction skills and unite, bring the team together.
Your company needs team building training if one of the points is a problem for you:
  • Low employee loyalty
  • Team atmosphere in the company
  • High employee rotation
  • Inefficient communication and incoherence between different departments
  • Negative attitudes towards learning/changes
  • Employee demotivation
  • Employees passive attitudes
  • Frequent conflicts
Positive changes that you will receive after completing the cours:
  • Increased motivation and as a result increased service quality and increase of sales
  • Shared goals will prevail over personal goals.
  • Employee activity will increase
  • Communication between departments will improve
  • The loyalty of the staff to the company will increase
  •  The number of conflicts will decrease
  •  Team communication will become more free and trustworthy
An important condition for the training is that the leader must actively participate in it.
Team-building training is not a magical vaccine that will make a miracle happen! A group of people who are not reckoned with each other, offended by the world, suddenly does not turn into a strong, motivated team.
Team-building training is one of the stages of a long and systematic process. The main role of the conductor in the workers’ orchestra is played by the leader!
Often, before working with a team, a leader turns to me for an individual coach session to determine goals and strategies. And often these meetings are enough for the team to begin to change. Only because the leader is changing!

Training objectives:

  • Understanding the concept of what a team is

  • Understanding team strengths and weaknesses

  • Building a sense of team cohesion

  • Realizing the value of teamwork

  • Forming a sense of belonging to a team

  • Creation/evaluation of corporate standards and a mission