The team-building course is a crucial step in a long and systematic process.

This course will help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your team, guiding you towards the direction of team development. By participating in this training, you will foster a more trusting relationship within the group, develop constructive interaction skills, and foster unity to bring the team closer together.
Your company can benefit from team-building training if you face any of the following challenges:
  • Low employee loyalty
  • Negative team atmosphere within the company
  • High employee turnover
  • Inefficient communication and lack of coherence between different departments
  • Resistance to learning or embracing changes
  • Employee demotivation
  • Passive attitudes among employees
  • Frequent conflicts
Upon completing the course, you can expect the following positive changes:
  • Increased motivation leading to improved service quality and increased sales
  • Alignment of shared goals over personal goals
  • Increased employee engagement and activity
  • Enhanced communication between departments
  • Improved staff loyalty to the company
  • Decreased number of conflicts
  • More open and trustworthy team communication
It is important for the leader to actively participate in the training as a key condition.
Team-building training is not a magical solution that will instantly transform a group of disconnected individuals into a strong and motivated team. The leader plays a vital role in orchestrating the team’s development process.
Often, leaders seek individual coaching sessions with me before working with their teams to establish goals and strategies.
These meetings can often be sufficient to initiate positive changes within the team, simply because the leader themselves is undergoing transformation.

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding the concept of a team

  • Assessing team strengths and weaknesses

  • Fostering a sense of team cohesion

  • Recognizing the value of teamwork

  • Cultivating a sense of belonging to the team

  • Establishing or evaluating corporate standards and a mission

Remember, team-building training is just one step in a comprehensive process. The active involvement of the leader, combined with ongoing efforts, is crucial for achieving sustainable team development.