Marili Otstak
Chief Specialist of Tallinn Department of Education

I have been working in the field of youth work in Tallinn for several years, and my passion is to provide young people with development opportunities through practical activities. The Youth Work Department of the Tallinn Education Department wanted to offer young people training where they could develop their general competencies, focusing on teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving.
The expectation was that the training would be playful, practical, and provide young people with new experiences, and Oksana as a trainer did exactly that. And what I find important is that Oksana, as a trainer, not only conducted the training well, but she also created a wonderful connection with the participants, being natural, dedicated, and aware of her actions. I admired Oksana’s ability to establish a great connection with the youth – I felt it during the training, and it was also evident on the last day of the training when the young people expressed their sincere gratitude and wanted to personally thank and even hug the trainer. I consider such a result possible only thanks to a dedicated and professional trainer who has the ability to adapt to the situation and find the most suitable tools and approaches for the participants.
Thank you for this training, and I will definitely recommend Oksana Kulik to anyone who wants to create a special and suitable training for their target audience.
Katrin Vilimaa-Otsing
Digital Marketing Expert, Founder of Turunduskoolitus.

I am a digital marketing expert, and I help my clients establish strategies and directions that bring the greatest benefit with the optimal resources, following the 80/20 principle.
I participated in Oksana’s dream board creation/desire manifestation masterclass, and I really wanted to attend because I had heard so many good things about it, and I had never taken the time to do it myself, and it’s always more fun to do it together.
I thought we would be cutting, pasting, and visualizing our future dreams. I was pleasantly surprised to see the thorough preparation that actually preceded it. Oksana guided us through several tasks to gain a much clearer understanding of what we really want and helped create a very friendly and open environment where it was very comfortable to step out of the comfort zone and dream BIG.
I definitely recommend it to friends and colleagues who want clarity on their desires and dreams and are determined to start moving in that direction.
Diana Glebova, Store Manager
Hello Oksana,
I really enjoyed the training, and since I’ve been focusing a lot on myself lately and also on self-confidence development and finding harmony, this training came at the perfect time, and I’m very grateful for it. Thank you!
I came to the training with an open mind and didn’t set any expectations for myself – I trust you as a trainer. The fact that the training lasted quite a few hours, and time passed noticeably, speaks for itself – all the activities were very interesting, and I would have loved to hear more. The poster that we had to stick ourselves, I have looked at it repeatedly at home, and it always makes me smile and gives me strength to continue working on myself.🙂I really liked that there was some theory or material for us to think about together, and it included various exercises and games – it’s great to have the opportunity to practice because text alone wouldn’t provide the experience, and that’s what’s valuable. I’m also working on my own weaknesses, trying to go to bed earlier to arrive not just on time but rather earlier. Again, it was very interesting,
Tuuli Säesk, Store Manager
Hello Oksana,
I recently had a conversation with one of my employees. I applied what I learned in the training: I tried to speak neutrally, avoiding accusatory words like “always” or “again.” I paid attention to both my own body language and that of the employee. I can’t say it was easy because now there are even more things to pay attention to. But after the training, I know what I need to work on.
I also practiced dealing with psychological attacks. I even taught it to my sister as well 🙂
I practice visualization every night before going to bed—it still requires effort. And I also praise myself for small successes or actions, which surprisingly motivates me to do more things that I can appreciate myself for.
I really enjoyed the training. I liked that I gained new and truly necessary skills for behaving in different situations and learned how to boost my own self-confidence. The training was very informative, and it was surprising that it actually worked! From now on, I need to look within myself a little every day, remind myself of what I learned in the training, and use it.
I would definitely recommend it to acquaintances.
Best regards,
]Elgita Zimdin, Store Manager
First of all, I want to thank you for a vital and wonderful training!
I want to immediately share my husband’s comment when I arrived home after the exhausting training and a 2.5-hour bus ride: “You come home with such optimism, energy, and motivation as if you were coming home from school two years ago. You have a special sparkle in your eyes!” I also felt like a positive Duracell battery had been inserted somewhere…🙂
I noticed that I’ve started choosing my words more carefully, and my expressions are more deliberate and thoughtful. Since my expressions are now more controlled, others have started choosing their words more carefully when communicating with me, and there is less “fluff” in our conversations. In short, the conversations have become more efficient, and achievements come faster. In summary: work is more efficient, and again, there is less “fluff.” I have no problem with visualization because I use it a lot in my life. The training was very interesting. There were many examples alongside the theory. I had to overcome myself a lot, which ensures that we dare/can take control of situations. At the same time, if someone got stuck, they were helped, and that person still managed to complete the task. Various exercises and activities were very refreshing in between because otherwise, it would have been difficult to maintain focus.
It was also great that our group was relatively small, and everyone had the freedom to practice. No one was left in the corner to struggle and try on their own. And of course, the power that this training brought with it!
It was expected that this training would be emotionally quite difficult and draining.
Unexpected was the atmosphere throughout the training. It was supportive and open. There was a lot of communication. It was also unexpected that after such an emotionally challenging training, I felt refreshed and full of enthusiasm.
I would definitely recommend this training to acquaintances. When studying in school, you get more theory, and that part is so small. If taken as a course, you become more aware and able to use it in everyday life.
I’m already thinking that when my son returns from Bali, I should conduct a small “training” for my family at home because everyone needs it in life, and it helps us cope better.
So, that’s my summary feedback on the training.
Best wishes, Elgita


Валерия Куприенко, Store Manager Assistant
Hello Oksana!
Only now, after some time and digesting the training, can I write a proper review.
Of course, I liked everything. Judging by the title, I expected practical advice like “do this, behave like that to feel and appear confident.” But what I got in the end is priceless. Thanks to you and the training, I unearthed (and continue to unearth) the roots of my complexes, negative reactions, and so on. It can be said that it was a push to observe myself in this area.
Undoubtedly, the practical advice is also very, very cool. Visualization was not new to me. But praising myself and forgiving have become daily rituals. I also practice the principles of dialogue in requests, conflicts, and so on. In combination, it gives me inner lightness and confidence. Of course, there is still room for improvement (and it’s even exciting :)). I would definitely recommend such an experience to others.
Thank you for these invaluable two days!
Cätliin Kuimets, Manager
The training was highly enjoyable because it was diverse. It included both theory and a variety of games and exercises, which kept the engagement throughout the training. I particularly liked the games as they were captivating and highly developmental.
What impressed me the most was the visible progress during the training. Initially, the games were challenging, and team members were uncertain about their roles. However, after discussing the initial games, our team started working more efficiently, and the results were immediately apparent.
Since I have attended your trainings before, it was expected that the training would go smoothly, with seamless transitions between topics and attentive listening to the trainers’ opinions and feelings. Everyone had the opportunity to speak up and feel like they were part of something.
What surprised me was the realization among each team member about the importance of feeling valued and being an essential part of the team. After the training, we immediately created a Facebook group to facilitate quick information sharing among us.
I would definitely recommend this training to acquaintances! Why? Because the next day when I came to work, I felt energized, confident, and filled with numerous ideas on how to develop my team further.
Thank you!
Samanta Karelson, SDR
I really enjoyed the training.
It had a good balance of theory and practical games. I liked that everyone was involved, and there was a warm and pleasant atmosphere. It was great that everyone had a chance to speak up and express their opinions.
We were expecting interesting new knowledge, which we indeed gained from the training. However, the unexpected part was how playful the training was: the games were fun, developmental, and useful. I would definitely recommend it to my acquaintances because the training helps people working in a team to get to know each other better and value their role as team members.
The training was very beneficial and positive.
Many thanks to Oksana for the energetic and valuable day and I defiantly recommend it to anyone who want to boost team dynamic!


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