Increasing Your Self Confidence course is aimed at:

  •  personal growth

  • developing self-knowledge

  • new opportunities implementation

  • self-awareness development

  • forming constructive behavior with others

  • forming ways of creating positive impressions

Do you often use the words “I will try” “I was trying”? Do you consider yourself a loser?


How many people around you say: “You can’t do it! Don’t even try!”?


Does it really very important to you how other people think about you? Do you blame others for what you’re not happy with?


Do you often feel sorry for yourself by cursing the unfortunate fate/husband/children/parents/Government?

If so, you’re in the right place!

 In this course, you will learn to recognize your feelings, learn to deal with your fears, and work them out.


You will learn to be confident and feel free and comfortable in interpersonal relations.
If you want to learn how to achieve your goals and see things through, then I’m waiting for you on the “Ultimate Goal Setting and Achieving” cours.
Course objectives:
  • Understand what confidence, aggression, or insecure behavior is
  • Overcoming fear and destructive behavior
  • Analyzing your strengths
  • Development of confidence behavior
  • Familiarity with internal protection mechanisms and resistance
  • Development of self-absorption, self-acceptance skills, and positive thinking
  • Learning what self-confidence means and what it consists of
  • Development of the public speaking skills
  • Introduction to effective public speaking tool
  • Understanding most common problems (fear of speaking, lack of concentration of attention, insufficient contact with the audience)